Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One track mind

So I think that I mentioned that one of the books in my current reading rotation is Salt: A World History.
Well, I think that I am salt obsessed.
Last night I was at a cocktail thing with a coworker to view a European Vacation slide show. Diane, said coworker, was commenting on the salty sardines and other fish she was constantly consuming in Italy, which naturally brought me about to this tangent about the salt trade in ancient Italy and Egypt and why salted fish were so historically significant.
Later, she mentioned that they could tour a salt mine. I, without thinking, excitedly asked if she had any pictures. Staring at me as though I was crazy she said, "no." I then went on to tell nobody in particular that the ancient miners in the salt mines of Germany were some of the first mummified corpses found in Europe. They were incredibly intact from their tools, to their clothing, and even their bodies-- including their hair! Amazing!
People shifted around awkwardly and then we looked at a picture of the Vatican. Vatican, shmatican I say. Ancient salt mines are totally awesome.

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