Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dancing Irish Strumpets

Yesterday, in addition to The View, I watched:

Mad Hot Ballroom was a documentary about public elementary schools in NYC competing in ballroom dance.
It was cute, but I was a tad bit bored- I read comics through the whole thing. Mad Hot Ballroom was highly recommended to me, so you may want to give it a shot.

The Magdalene Sisters was based upon the true stories of Irish girls who in the 60's were sent to work-houses run by nuns. They were sent there for a variety of issues- all related to sex. Some girls were attractive orphans- destined for sin, others were unwed mothers, some were even rape victims.
It was a depressing but excellent movie. Apparently, these workhouses were run until 1996. They think that 30,000 Irish girls and women were subjected to slave labor, kidnap, rape and abuse.

Being a terrible Christian, one thing occurs to me. If I have daughters, while I wouldn't want them using their bodies to manipulate men- or deciding to have sex at 12, the worst thing for a woman is to believe that her body and sexuality are cause for shame. Fearing sex is not something I would want for my fictitious daughters.
If I ever get knocked up, I hope that God pities me and blesses me with sons.

In further blasphemies- I am kind of tired of being judged by other people based upon their misconceptions of my faith. I'm not catholic and I don't believe in cloudy heaven or fiery hell. I'm not impressed with the work of the Church over the last couple thousand years.
So there.

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