Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Lovely Bones, the Movie? has a post up about Ryan Gosling being let go from a movie for either getting too fat or artistic differences... hmmmm I wonder which....

Anyway, I couldn't care less if Ryan Gosling is chubby, but I was most shocked that the movie was the film adaptation of The Lovely Bones. This was hands down the most well reviewed book that I have ever hated which wasn't written by Maria Dhavana Headley.

The Lovely Bones was an emotionally manipulative little book about a girl who is raped and murdered and watches her family cope while learning to deal with her attack and subsequent death from a sub-area of heaven specifically for this purpose. I believe I hated it because it was boring, trite, ultimately pointless, and did not fulfill the potential of the story. Too slow to be a thriller, not mysterious enough to be a mystery, not clever enough to be a crime novel, but just right it you liked to watch Touched by an Angel, Cold Case Files, or Pretty Woman.


cymberleah said...

I am so, so glad I am not the only person who didn't like that book.

I agree with you on all points, but you didn't touch on what I hated most. The climax of the book was she got to possess someone and get laid by her school crush? Um, ok. So, getting to see the murdered brought to justice is just meh, but finding a buddy willing to prostitute herself for your soul's respite? Wow, that's just classy.

qtilla said...

Holy crap! I totally forgot that part.

That was weird right? It didn't seem to fit the tone of moving on that was supposed to characterize the book.

I know when I am inevitably pecked to death my one regret will be not having had the chance to bang my crush of the moment, not my lack of daily shark suit attire.