Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Domesticated," my ass

Cows attack dog walker in field

"Mr Poole said he managed to escape when his Golden Retriever, called Zak, fled, distracting the cows."

'Man's best friend'? More like 'Man's Jerky College Roommate!'

In case of Nature attack my best friend would jump into the fray and risk life and limb, not run away like a total coward, right Steve?!


Darn it.


cymberleah said...

I suppose the lesson to be learned from this is, don't walk a carnivore around large herbivores. If they don't take kindly to it, you may be squished and punctured.

Also, a cattle prod is a useful tool for dogwalking?

qtilla said...

Interestingly, it is also a useful tool in dating.

I would prefer to remain unpunctured. But I hate to seem so relentlessly picky.

Side note: Kim, wanna see Ratatouille with me this weekend?

qtilla said...

wink wink

cymberleah said...

Sure. I am currently free for all minutes, save Sunday from 6pm onward.