Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quiana SMASH! Quiana ANGRY!

Two articles have me perturbed:

The Pill's Price on Campus: A jump in the cost of birth control puts students in a quandary
What? We want our girls knocked up in the middle of higher ed? I can't wait to see the awesome statistics that come out of this garbage new regulation.
I wonder what the price difference is between the $42 that the pill will now cost for college students and the deep discounts at Planned Parenthood. I'm sure that some of these girls are still covered by their parents' medical, but I wonder how many really want to tell their parents that they need birth control pills. I think most parents know what their kids are up to, but don't want to actually acknowledge it.

'Babylon Fields'—CBS’ Buried Zombie Necrophilia Pilot Unearthed
The viewers should get the option to enjoy their necrophilia/zombie crime dramas. Everyone compose a brief note regarding this issue and send it to CBS post-haste. This is different and different is good!
Down with boring! Up with zombies!


PalinDrome said...

I have to disagree with you on the Babylon Field permise being different. It is just Eureka with Zombies instead of Geniuses running around.

qtilla said...

I am unconvinced. Eureka is less limited. I think I would have been very curious to see how people behave when there is an un-death option.
I think I would be interested in Babylon Field in the way that I am interested in Dexter.

cymberleah said...

It's very simple.

The pill = sex.

Sex = bad.

Therefore, the pill = bad. QED.

It is not in the interest of current governmental policy to promote, ensure, or acknowledge safe sex. The only time you (as in, you-who-are-not-the-person-making-the-decision, see: different rules for lawmakers) should ever have sex is to conceive a child.

Especially if you are white. Damn white chicks not makin' enough babies!

Ahem. The pill is "not necessary" save for having sex, unlike Viagra. Therefore, the pill should not be made available save by jumping through many hoops and spending all the money you have, and Viagra should be an OtCD.

I hope that clears some things up for you.

qtilla said...

In fact it did clear things up for me.
Soon I shall go on a rampage! Who's with me?
Incidentally, I was notified that PP does it's pill pricing by income, so most college students could get it for free. I wonder if they accept targeted giving? I'm not interested in their political activities, but I am totally interested in preventing governmental uterine meddling.