Wednesday, October 17, 2007


On Monday evening I drove over to my uncle's house to make robot team plans do something cool and when I arrived there was a murder of hundreds of crows perched around the house. In the street, in the yard, in the trees, in neighbor’s property, there were a LOT of crows; a screeching sharp-beaked blanket of filthy black feathers. Someone had tipped them off. I suspect my phone is tapped.

Naturally I pulled my car over far up the street content to bide my time and make a plan to get into the house.

I considered and discarded plans involving honking my horn, doing donuts in lawns, and calling the house to let the dogs out. I decided to pull into the driveway in order to force the crows to tip their hand. Some of the crows flew to the trees, but a few stubborn crows continued to wait for me in the lawn, sharpening their beaks and mocking me with their throaty caws.

Suddenly, no doubt using some sneaky secret crow signal they took to the air, perhaps to pester some small child or to feast from an open dumpster. I waited until the coast had cleared and skittered into the house, slamming the door shut behind me.


cymberleah said...

Nice pictures, and pretty paranoia!

qtilla said...

I do wear paranoia well, but it is only paranoia if it isn't true.

Are you saying that all of these attacks upon my person by agents of (enemy) Nature are actually coincidental interactions with normal animals?

I find that hard to believe. Is it mere *coincidence* that these crows chose my uncle's very street to lurk at on the very evening I would show up on mere 5 minutes notice?

I will give you certain hypothetical bat bite incidents, and even sandwich thievery, but this smacks of premeditation to me. Perhaps Nature has noticed me noticing it.