Friday, October 19, 2007

Things that make me irrationally angry

1. Applebees

As mediocre as Friday's but less iconic!

2. Loud sneezers

It is like they are trying to impress you.

3. Junk mail from charities

Please give us money! Here are some mailing labels. You can put them in the drawer with the 3 million other mailing labels.

4. People who carve their pumpkins in the first week of August and leave them out to rot before Halloween

Hey kids, wanna see something spooky? Mickey Mouse's face is melting off!

5. Re-explainers

You see, first you breathe in, then out. First in then out. Make sure to breathe in and *then* out. Do you understand?? In then out. Get it? Let me put it a different way.

6: People who say questions with no intent of hearing an answer?

You know what I mean? You know what I'm say'n?


Drew said...

Yes, yes... But how do you feel about Zomblebee's?

qtilla said...

Better, actually.