Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sorry SUCkers!

I am both sick and swamped at work. I spend most of my evening hibernating, Yogi-style.

But let me tell you a little story about unprofessional behavior. I totally cried at work yesterday. I had x-million things to do and my boss asked me to do one last completely useless thing and I said, "Ok. No problem," then I hung up the phone and burst into tears.

It was awesome.

Anyway, all is well, but crying at work is not how I like to roll... it just doesn't seem very gangsta.

Here is a quickie link dump for you.

Boy, 6, Tries to Drive to Applebees
Why, of all places Applebees? I guess he just loves there dusty sport memorabilia and potato boats.
I HATE Applebees, I have no idea why anyone would want to go there.

FBI Checks Bomb Report, Finds Pumpkin
An FBI spokeswoman in Seattle, Robbie Burroughs, says four agents went to Casper's office.... He spent an hour with the agents showing them a pumpkin and another squash similar in size to pieces of the Hiroshima bomb. Burroughs says the agents left satisfied it wasn't dangerous.
I assume he means the pumpkins. Your tax dollars at work kids.

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Tortures Prisoners

Nothing funny here. An interesting read though.

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