Thursday, October 04, 2007

This is all your fault, nose!

No, I’m not dead. But I am recovering from the bubonic plague, zombie plague, sinus infection.

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, just some nose blowing and several episodes of The View. (I seriously hate that Hasselbeck chick. Here, let’s get the most pretentious opinion ever from an upper class white chick. Seriously, yesterday she tried to weigh in on how to stop abortions by giving every baby a 5,000$ grant towards college and I almost went down there to rip her face off. Yea blondie, all that is standing in the way of teen mothers is five grand towards their baby’s college career. What a moron. No wonder Rosie snapped.)

Anyway, I will attempt to blog from the parents house in Canada. This Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving so I plan to relocate from my couch to my mom's couch for the weekend. There shall be turkey, stuffing, pumpkin cake, fancy Canadian over the counter cold medicine, and Tim Hortons donuts and delicious toffee coffee. Oh and my parents. I guess they're cool too.


Drew said...

I wish I lived that close to Canada. Then I could celebrate thanksgiving twice... Seriously, it's my favorite holiday of the year, easily beating out Halloween and Christmas by long shots.

BTW, next time I'm up in Seattle around halloween, we're drugging Steve and making him go as Kif to my Zap Brannigan.

qtilla said...

Not to make your ladyfriend nervous, but Drew, you complete me.
My cousin can go as Amy. And I can go as Leela.
Addy can go as Zoidberg! Are you reading the evil comments on my evil blog, Addy? ZOIDBERG!

steve said...

Geez q, where was your evil influence when I wanted her to go as Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Brothers?

qtilla said...

October is totally cold, dude.

Drew said...

Steve, you ass. You had it totally backwards... You should've gone as Dr. Girlfriend, and Addy should've been the monarch. It would've totally worked.