Monday, October 15, 2007

Sometimes people like taking things out of context, I assume for the purposes of being jerks.

Michelle Collins of BWE should be my new best friend (sorry Steve).
Her awesome blog-post showing our kismet-esque blogging:
Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley!

End of Original Post.

I was recently linked on a website which basically picked this post out of, I would guess dozens (probably more), of similarly titled posts and (in my view) accused me of being a homophobe.

The blog said that Rick Rolling is homophobic (I disagree) and because I did not like the traffic I was getting I changed the title of this entry. I did leave it up because naming your blog title as the line from Family Guy (as an enchanting circular reference to a show that is only based on references- zing!) is not a crime. I think it is hard to say that I am bashing Rick Astley for being gay- particularly when he is not gay and even more difficult to assert if you actually read the post, only to find that it is a link to someone else's post about her unabashed adoration of Rick Astley. It is probably an even weaker assertion if one looks to the bottom of the post to see that it is labeled under the category of "men with whom I would like to make sweet sweet love."

The internet is a forum for free speech and unfortunately some of that freedom includes the right to be a dick.


Anonymous said...

Are you a Rick Astley fan? I have enjoyed his music as well eventhough no one else seems to share my love of him.

qtilla said...

I *love* Rick Astley.
And now, bonus, he's hot.

Drew said...

Love professed under the guise of anonymity! Steve, is that you? Come out, Steve, and expose your shame so that I may mock you properly and openly!

If it's not Steve, I apologize in advance for being an ass.

steve said...

Drew, you should know by now that I would never mask my unbridled, barely-hetero love for my Rick.

Drew said...

Damn you Steve.

Nothing takes the fun out of a good mocking like the intended victim proudly standing up for their beliefs.

It's the shame that makes it tasty.