Monday, October 22, 2007

No shame here!

If you are not watching America’s Most Smartest Model you are missing out on the best thing on TV.

Example- The models were playing a trivia contest in which if you got a question right you got a rice cake, but if you got it wrong you got a piece of chocolate cake. The look of horror on the faces of the contestants as Ben Stein read the nutrition facts aloud was the best thing ever in the entire universe. You couldn’t pay me to eat a rice cake and the chocolate cake looked mighty tasty.

I compel you to watch America’s Most Smartest Model! The way the people interact is fascinating and bonus: they cry when you make them eat cake! Delicious cake!!! It’s crazy!


cymberleah said...

I like rice cakes. -_-

qtilla said...

Do not jeopardize our friendship with this crazy talk.

cymberleah said...

Really, the popcorn ones are tasty. I don't eat them always, but the rice-y melting in your mouth feeling reminds me of the rice paper on those Botan candies you can get at Uwajimaya. Which, in turn, reminds me of being a goofy kid.

I guess you kinda have to be me to enjoy it.