Monday, June 30, 2008

Spring is for losers!

It is no secret that I am fussy about temperature (and in general). I hate being cold. This is why I have a space heater at work, numerous sweaters, socks that look like disembodied muppet feet, and a throw blanket in every room.

But I also hate being hot.

I don’t mind shedding my many layers of clothes and wearing less. But there is a certain point at which you have so little cloth on your person that you may as well be completely nude and yet you are still sweating.

I spent the evening cowering in the cool basement with the dog, watching TV and willing the bedroom to be cool.

This morning I locked down the house like I was preparing for a zombie apocalypse, shutting every window and lowering every shade, hoping to keep the house at a reasonable temperature until the evening cool returns.

I guess this year Seattle decided to skip spring.


Girl Friday said...

I can't believe how epically hot it was.

And as a super-show of idiocy, we had Miss Hippo's birthday party on Sunday, wherein twenty plus people died in various shaded parts of my home.

I want a goddamn bathtub full of ice and I want it now. Also, many margaritas.

Let's go halves on a pool, fill it with ice and hire delicious-looking boys to fetch drinks.

Drew said...

You know, everyone expresses disbelief about Texas being all hot and whatnot. I do agree... 113 is hot. However, most everyone here has the wherewithall to stay inside during the day... and most importantly, only the most god-forsaken places don't have central AC. That means that as long as you are inside in Texas, you are never hot.

This differs from my experience in Seattle, where it seemed that next to no one had central air. That's probably because most the time, you can just roll down a window. I do find it high ironic though that for the entirety of this record-breaking summer in terms of heat, I've been more comfortable here in Texas than I have been in the two weeks of the relatively mild summer in Seattle.

As an aside though, I wouldn't even dare think of going outside to go jogging in this weather. At least, not untill 9 or 10 at night... Seattle, I might be willing to risk it.

Elwood said...

How nice is it that our collective bitching made it overcast and cooler today, with a chance of rain by or on the 4th of July?

We rule.

qtilla said...

Friday- I would also settle for penguins in bow ties, if hot guys are not on the table for beverage serving.

Drew- I always find myself cold in places like Texas. I always have to bring a sweater for indoor use.

Elwood- Never underestimate the power of bitching.