Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Things I am learning about Vicodin OR Why there was no blog entry yesterday…

So I went in to the dentist yesterday about a tooth that had been hurting and the short version of the story is that I got a partial root canal. Suffice it to say, it was AWESOME! I will share one highlight though, actual quote from dentist:

“It’s really good that you chose to get this taken care of right away, because blood should not be just spurting out like that.”

Cue Quiana fainting. Kidding. (Sorta.)

So I dropped by the office and told my boss I was going home as the dentist had proscribed vicodin for the pain.

Got my prescription from Walgreen’s in record time. Here is a transcript of the convo with the pharmacist:
Adorable Asian Pharmacist: Are you sure you want to wait here, it might be an hour….
Q: I just had an impromptu root canal, so I probably should wait.
AAP: Oh dear. Well I will bump you to the front then.
Q: [eyes tear up with love of humanity] Thank you!

Had two (2!) bowls of soup and one vicodin and pretty much immediately passed out for over 6 hours. Woke up, ate dinner, had another vicodin and immediately felt AWFUL. I hung in there for a while, but I just couldn’t go to bed without at least sort of brushing my teeth and washing my face, so I half heartedly attempted to do so, then whammo I hurled.

So the lesson that I am learning is either:

2 vicodin = chunks blown.


Vicodin + mediocre eggplant parmesan = chunks blown.

Either way, yesterday was not a good day. At all. With the spurting and the hurling and the spending ¾’s of the day passed out/ rolling about murring and wishing for death and the other ¼ having “tissue” removed from my tooth interior/ loitering at Walgreen’s with numb face.


Elwood said...

That sucks, Q. I went to the dentist for the exact same issue yesterday, but I got off lucky (they need to replace a couple of old fillings, and want me to consider a crown soon).

qtilla said...

Two weeks ago I had the filling replaced in that tooth and now the root canal... AND ...
I get to get a crown on the same tooth later this month. It will be awesome.

The weird part is that they can't fit me in to get my permanent crown until October... which I think is super weird since the temp will be in on the 22nd of this month.

Ferretnick said...

You kids and your mouthful of healthy teeth!

Also, Vicodin + eggplant parmesan is never a good mix.
But vicodin + vodka? Now you're talking!

qtilla said...


Hillary said...

any medical professional that says "blood should not be just spurting out like that" gets a high five for having an awesome bedside manner

you should have puked on his/her shoes :)

qtilla said...

An excellent suggestion. Retributive vomiting. Good times.

Back Nine said...

Um, ok, so can I maybe have the rest of that Vicodin perscription? I'm just saying.

qtilla said...

As an only child I am typically opposed to sharing, but I'm also opposed to projectile vomiting, so I guess I am in a bit of a quandary....