Friday, July 11, 2008

Attempting to Attract Fraggles

I am disproportionately excited about the state of my container garden. I am daydreaming of lovely vege and sit smugly as though other than watering and planting the seeds I am some how responsible for their magical growth. Tuesday: no pumpkin sprouts. Wednesday: pumpkin sprouts. It is like a vege fairy came in the middle of the night. Almost all my seeds have sprouted!

It is very hard to feel glum when magical vegies are appearing.

Add to that joy the glee of surviving another year of life.

Yes, on Thursday I will officially survived 28 years on this planet. Really pretty good I think. And while I know that many people use birthdays as measuring sticks for goals they did not achieve, I choose to pat myself on the back for neither tipping a soda machine onto myself, nor failing to look both ways.

I have dodged innumerable bullets and feel the very strong urge to enjoy a nice margarita in celebration come Thursday.

But today the sun is out and I am just over a week out of a two week vacation and soon I will be chomping away at all sorts of fun vege. If this is not sunshine under my feet, then do not disabuse me.


jeannine said...

Happy belated birthday :-)

qtilla said...

Now you are on time!

Yay! Birthday!