Thursday, July 10, 2008

Joys of Summer

Glass bottled Mexican Coke beading up in the heat

Cherry Slurpees.

Loud country music, windows down. Eat it, country-haters.

Showing off the shoulders and feeling the warmth of the sun on my sun blocked pale skin.

Going to the farmers market and buying deep red and purple berries (and eating a few in the car).

Buying frozen yogurt with Addy and devouring it before it melts and makes the sprinkles run.

Going to the beach after work to look for beach glass and sitting in the warm sand, enjoying the salty stink.

Eating on the deck at Matador.

Eating cookies at a view point on a morning hike.

BBQ every week.

Quiet offices half emptied of vacationing coworkers.

Never getting caught behind a school bus.

Looking forward to the cool fall with Halloween, Thanksgiving(s), and the gift buying prior to Christmas.

Iced tea. (Especially with chunky raw sugar.)

Dairy Queen. Especially ice cream cakes and cherry dipped cones.

Baseball games at Safeco with the roof wide open.


Reading paperbacks in the park.

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