Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm going on vacation...

and I may, or may not, take you guys. I mean you're cool and what not, but you know, I may need my space.

For the next ten(ish) days I am going to be on an epic road trip/treasure hunt with:
3 cousins: 16 year old boy, 13 year old boy, 8 year old girl
The Grandma
The Grandpa
The Auntie
The Uncle
6 SCHNAUZERS (I will make this my official prayer/finger crossing request of the week.)

So I depart for the frosty north again tomorrow morning with the goal of finding gem stones in the dirt and also acquiring glass bottle Coke. Delicious (The coke, not dirt. Dirt often contains poo and should be avoided. Unless it also contains sapphires.)

We'll go through Montana, then Idaho, then back. It should be fun and I intend to blog, but this may not happen. It is hard to say.

So, now I've updated you and uhm... I think that is all I've got for today. Look forward to maybe some sporadic updates (maybe) and uhm... I think I'll go make some cookies for tomorrow.
Enjoy your not vacation, suckers.


Girl Friday said...

Have an AWESOME vacation.

. . . small dogs aside. (I hear they are great with bacon)

qtilla said...

I did not get try this out, unfortunately...