Wednesday, July 16, 2008

[Gastrointestinal] Distress Signal

Yes, I am aware of TMI, I just don’t care. If I have to suffer, you have to suffer.

I spent the majority of Monday morning disrespecting or attempting to disrespect the bathroom. 4 (FOUR!) pepto caplets were taken and I still barely survived.

I took yesterday off, and felt more or less ok, but today I am yet again displeased with the universe. (Though on a much lesser scale.)

Two possibilities:

  1. I am allergic to work.
  2. Someone at work sneaks over and throws laxatives in my coffee mug while I am not paying attention. I’m looking at you Bark Bark Bark Lady.


Ferretnick said...

Wow. Good thing I was reading this during lunch.
Can't wait to get to my pudding snack now....

Hope your feeling better soon.
And Happy Birthday, by the way!

qtilla said...

Who else could provide this quality of blog writing? Who, I ask. Answer= nobody.

I am the Queen of Poo-Blogging!

erin said...

Oh man, if only you'd read the archives of my old blog. 50% of it talked about poo.

As a Crohn's survivor, I highly recommend won't poo for DAYS. Pepto doesn't work nearly as well.

It was your bday? Happy Bday!

qtilla said...

If only!! The only thing better than poo-writing is poo-reading. Also someone else suffering would maybe console my butt. (My butt= HUGE jerk.)

Imodium you say? I'll have to try it and let everyone know. In detail. On my blog.