Monday, June 09, 2008

Music Videos Totally Still on TV

VH1 plays actual music videos in the am; here are a few things I've learned:

Madonna is terrifying. Seriously terrifying. Like 'oh noes! Madonna is going to grind Justin Timberlake's bones to make her bread' terrifying. (Zing!) (Sidenote- flesh tone skimpy lingerie on a woman my mother's age... not so much with the sexy. Also, baby needs a sandwich.)

Leona Lewis is actually so beautiful that she's just a little... boring.

Alanis Morrisette's new CD is whiny and her new video is seriously gross. Alanis, Ryan Reynolds will never be yours again. Get over it- at least you got some before he touched Scarlett Johansson. BLECH.

Weezer-still awesome.

There is nothing more decadent than playing hooky, sleeping in, and eating an everything bagel while watching music videos.

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