Tuesday, June 10, 2008

America's Hat: Still Up There, Now Expensive

I'm back from visiting the family in the Frosty North, and you'll be pleased to know that it rained the whole time, gas is up to $1.30 a liter, and I can't visit my mother for longer than 24 hours without a hideous and stupid fight.

I won't go into the fight, but for those of you who may be rusty, here is brief 3 step set of instructions on how to apologize:
1. SAY: "I'm sorry for..."
2. INSERT: title of offense
3. SAY: "It was not cool."

Example of good apology:

"I'm sorry I slept with your sister, it was wrong and hurtful."

Example of bad apology:

"I'm sorry I boned your sister, but she was hot."

The END.

Anyway, I was able to help my mom pick out some great clothes, so that was good. She also gave me my very early birthday gifts, poach pods and a really cool water bottle to reduce my Nalgene reliance.

On Saturday we had dinner at a place called Nando's which was surprisingly delicious for a fast food joint. (The restaurant chain claims to be Nelson Mandela's Favorite. That was your Nelson Mandela Fun Fact of the Day.)

I convinced the rents to watch Stardust, which they loved and Southland Tales... which nobody loved (not just in our house, but in a more universal sense). (Sidenote on Southland Tales: Justin Timberlake is in it and while his acting seemed fine, listening to him read is almost as painful as listening to Drew Barymore attempting an accent.)

And that was Friday- Saturday... Sunday is a tale for another day.


Drew said...

I'm a very, very bad apologizer.
Mine are usually along the lines of...

I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. Maybe you shouldn't be such a pussy. Here, have a beer.

Come to think of it, maybe that's what's wrong with me.

qtilla said...

You give beer?! That is pretty awesome.

I also occasionally apologize in a manner similar to:

I am sorry that I hurt your feelings.

Which really translates to:

It's too bad that you suck. I pity you.

Drew said...

Yea. I think the beer is the only thing that really makes my form of apology work at all.