Friday, June 06, 2008

And when she awoke she realized it was all a bad dream

Last night I commented to Steve that I have been acting like a crazy person. I eat all the time, I can't sleep, I look like shit. I am jumpy and grouchy and tense. I've put on 8 pounds.

Anxiety has ruled me.

I told him that I just need to get my shit under control. This morning I woke at 9 am, refreshed. I padded downstairs and had a bagel and watched music videos.

It is like the last month of office anxiety, family anxiety, money fears, and moving stress just evaporated over night. Whisked away by my dreams about stealing a horse and trying to get my uncle to take in a homeless man who was 7 feet tall.

Today I will go to Canada and have a birthday dinner with my mother, I will give her the card I bought for her months ago and a gift bag of foods she cannot get easily in Canada. Tomorrow we will go shopping and I will help her revamp her resume, then we will go to the movies. Sunday I will fetch Kim and we will shop at the crazy huge Asian shopping center.

And everything is going to be ok.

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