Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Things you don't hear every day...

I am taking a cake decorating class from a toothless retired rodeo queen.

I think it is going to be really fun, but will result in a TON of cake that my roommate will not eat, as he is not eating that sort of thing right now, and the bastards at my office don't deserve any cake, so I'm stumped as to what to do with it.

Oh heavens, I guess I will eat all this cake all by myself. That's too bad.

In other news of the Q:

1. Jim and I caught the season premiere of Venture Brothers, season 3, and I must insist that you all watch it as it was AWESOME.

2. I'm headed to the Frosty North again to visit my mom for her birthday and am NOT looking forward to paying for gas at over $4 a gallon. Today I filled my tank and it cost me $55 (and my tank had just under a quarter of a tank when I got to the station).
I am looking forward to visiting with my mom and helping her to create a new career plan and maybe help her go back to school for an advanced degree. (One of us should do this and I am not making any progress, so there you go.)
My mom may be an artsy-fartsy free spirit, but she is also incredibly smart and deserves more professional success.
I'm also looking forward to hitting up the enormous Asian mall in Richmond again with Kim, but let us focus less on creme puffs and more on my mom for now....

3. I'm really making good progress on getting my room re-organized and ready for comfortable inhabitation. Today I unpacked my sewing machine and got my desk all organized and I am feeling unduly smug.
But that is ok, because feeling smug is really pleasant. I think I will put forth additional effort in the area of smugness.


Mel said...

I'm taking a rolled fondant class right now, but I'm pretty certain that the teacher isn't part of the rodeo queen scene. My coworkers don't deserve cake either. Rugby players are always up for cake though. Best of luck with the buttercream battle.

qtilla said...

The fondant class is what I'm working my way up to!
Now I am jealous, but at least I have cake!