Friday, June 20, 2008

Tales from the Crypt

Today Bark Bark Bark Lady at work loudly exclaimed “lunch” while sitting alone in her cube. The person passing by nearest to her said “What?”. And she said “I just finished my lunch.” “Oh” said my confused coworker. This is what it is like working with this lady. Every. Day.

I walk into to the workroom and she says, “Gonna make some copies.” Then stares at me expectantly. So I say, “Ok.”

So bizarre.

I suppose what she is looking for is:
"Gonna make some copies."

"HOLY SHIT! NO WAY! YOU ARE AT THE COPY MACHINE WITH THE INTENT TO MAKE COPIES!?! I made copies once and it was awesome. Will you be using the duplex function. DUPLEXING IS RAD!!!"

Today a coworker playfully punched me in the arm and my arm fell off and rolled under my desk.

Ok. Fine, it hurt like the dickens and I thought it might fall off eventually, but everything seems ok now.

I think I need to work out more. (In order to punch my coworkers playfully and make them worry about their limbs.) (Kidding.) (Not really.) (I really want to be strong enough to handle this physical abuse.) (Handle it with these guns. Right here.) (BAM!)


Girl Friday said...

One day, you should look really surprised when she states the obvious and in a very serious way say, "Really? Awesome."

And speaking of guns, I have decided to add arm-building exercises to my meager work-out. I saw Madonna's guns and am intensely jealous of a 50 year-old. Also, I'd get to shame almost every male at The Stop. And win at arm wrestling.

So go for it, together we could RULE the . . . well, The Stop. And you could rule your office space.

Anonymous said...

You have dared to challenge the masculinity of the males at the Stop?

I challenge you Pikachu!