Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wedding vs. Reunion

Last night a good friend from college called me to let me know the date of her wedding. Later in the evening basically my best friend from college was totally dumbstruck that I would fly to BFE nowhere, York, PA for a wedding in June, but wouldn't go with her to our reunion in Philadelphia a mere month earlier.

My reasoning is thus:

Ally's wedding is in scenic Dover. I can fly into Harrisburg, rent a car and have a lovely time hanging out with Ally and her family. Some of my college friends will be going and Dover will be cheap and relaxing. If I feel the urge I can hop into NYC or Philly and visit a few friends on my own schedule.

The reunion will be awkward and expensive. For one, I am in a different social graduating class than the one in which I technically graduated. Also, 5 years, is not that long. Which is a blessing, because I have used my 120, 000$ education to make graphs for the last 4 years and hopefully by the twenty year reunion I will have done something that doesn't involve labeling axes. Also, I didn't like most of these girls when I went there, odds are I won't like them now....

Uhm, so there.

Turkey, when you get married I'll fly out to whatever crappy place where you want to get married. White dress = plane ticket.

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