Thursday, December 21, 2006

Choices and the lack thereof.

We made a commitment to the people of Iraq. We promised them a better life and I think we owe it to them to try. Regardless of the origins of the war, the motives of the leadership, and the mistakes made, it is unconscionable to abandon the people of Iraq.

As the presidential election looms, I am looking at having to choose. I want a tolerable conclusion in Iraq- not for us, for the Iraqis. I want gay people to legally wed. I want control of my uterus. I want to be sure that the poor don't lose their retirements through the privatization of social security. I never want our government to give up on universal education through the use of vouchers. I don't think that the rich should pass down millions of dollars to their children, creating generations of Paris Hiltons. I couldn't possibly care any less about lowering my taxes.

But it looks like I can't have it all.
My political crush, John McCain can't give me what I want.
I don't know enough about where Obama stands or really where any of the possible democratic candidates stand.

I don't want to choose between personal freedoms and Iraq. But I am afraid I will have to.


PalinDrome said...

I recommend checking out Senator Obama's podcasts on iTunes or whatever podcatcher you may use. I have been listening for the last couple of months and must say that I fell I know him and his thoughts and not some speech writers. I really hope that if he runs he keeps doing these and that other candidates follow suit.

qtilla said...

All right, I'm going to listen to the podcastage today, but if I am not blown away I am going to vote for McCain, because he is a tough-ass who don't take no shit off no Vietcong. Or Dick Cheney for that matter.