Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nature is sneaking into your house right now...

to fuck you up.

Woman finds bat in Christmas tree
Tue Dec 5, 7:42 AM ET

NIPOMO, Calif. - Sheila Kearns had a Christmas tree delivered to her home on Sunday. She says she thought she'd been pricked by pine needles when she reached into the tree while decorating it. But the next morning, she found a bat hanging upside down in her home.

It turns out that the Christmas tree farm Kearns bought from keeps bats around for pest control and that one unwittingly hitched a ride to her home.

Animal control officials picked up the bat, which tested negative for rabies.

Kearns got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics, but says she's not fazed. She says she'll keep buying her trees from the same farm.

Be vigilant, gentle readers, for nature is wily and not to be trusted.
Last night the UPS man came to my door and I assure you I checked through the peep hole twice; just in case it was really a goose or a raccoon.
One cannot be too careful when dealing with The Rabies.

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