Tuesday, December 26, 2006

News Alert: Donald Trump is a disgusting pig!

Yes, it is time for me to weigh in on the Rosie VS Pigman scandal.

Tara Conner, Miss USA, started the whole situation through underage drinking and general whorishness. Trump, no doubt a huge fan of whorishness decided to let Tara keep her crown- I'm sure the people of Kentucky are proud.

Now let me make something clear. You can go out and get drunk even if you are underage. You can have sex with 4 men at once, on camera. You can make out with drunk underage Miss Teen USA. You just can't do these things and be Miss USA. Though Donald Trump thinks you can....

Rosie stepped over the line on her show, The View, and commented on Trump's finances and business practices, calling him a snake oil salesman (like on Little House on the Prairie). Though in her defense, he is and being compared to a LHOTP villain is not the strongest of insults....

Trump then threatened to sue (at the same time as he is suing a town government that has fined him for building a super sized flag pole - without permits. He is calling it an assault on patriotism. Dude, just get the permit. Oh and might I add Donald Trump should be fined a ton of cash for wasting the Justice System's time. We have actual criminal cases to deal with. Hey, how about some Tort Reform, please!) and has been defaming her sexuality, appearance, etc. at every opportunity.

If you would like to view the footage of Trump vomiting hate it is up on YouTube or you can catch it on Bulletproof Bracelets.

I don't care if someone is rude to you. I don't care if they down right insult you on national television. But you never ever get to act the way Trump is acting. You don't get to spew hate speech, ever. I don't care who you are.

Donald, you're a pig and I hope you get your comeuppance. I wouldn't watch The Apprentice if featured Matthew McConaughey and John Stewart jell-o wrestling. Your inability to behave in an adult fashion and overwhelmingly terrifying frothing at the mouth makes me think you may be a wee bit unhinged. And also have The Rabies.


D. Prince said...

Awesome post Qtilla. Couldn't agree more.

Of course, I just resorted to name calling but it felt good.

qtilla said...

Name calling seems pretty OK by me. I only narrowly escaped a comb-over reference.
With that much money, you would think he could buy more hair or something.