Thursday, December 07, 2006

Return of the Respitory Rodents!

So, I was home sick yesterday- hence lack of bloggage and slight erm.... delirium. Today my grandma calls and asks me why I didn't call her back yesterday and I explained that I am ill. She asked me what kind of ill and I said the kind with hurty ears and also brown snot. Grammy goes cracker-dog and insists that I go to the doctor because, "Oh my God, Pumpkin, you could go deaf!"

Fine, 15$ is a small price to pay to not have my Grammy calling me three times a day yelling, "Can you still hear me, Pumpkin!"

So I go to the doctor and it turns out that what I thought was some kind of allergy thing that I've been having for months is actually a sinus infection.


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Cymberleah said...

Ah, but the fun thing about sinus infections is they give you the happy drugs that make it Go Away!

Allergies you just have to live with forever.