Thursday, December 28, 2006

Midnight Movies

Last night I dreamt that Steve and I registered ourselves as high school students in order to write a high school expose. How Steve could pass for a high school kid with his beardy face, I do not know. We had the first day and Steve signed up for baseball (which should have tipped me off that it was a dream). Later Steve and I played basketball, and then rode a bus somewhere with a girl with purple eyes-shadow that knew what we were up to. We met with the principal, and went back down to the basketball court. As I was walking to my car, some high school kid invited me home to hang out and he had a tortoise eating fruit right off the carpet. From the outside his house was a fancy town-home, and inside it looked like the trailer we lived in when I was young. I spilled a gallon of milk and apologized to his mother. And we sat in the back of his truck while he told me the story of the town. It was so bright and sunny. Fake, yet amazingly real.

I also dreamt the night before. I dreamt that there was some kind of disaster and people were spread thin. My uncle, aunt, and cousins were with me. My younger cousin found some way to visit some other group of people somewhere distant. He said it was fascinating, so the next time I went instead. It was a group of people living in a mountain lodge. We were in the chapel and suddenly the rear wall opened up with blinding hot light and they scattered. I hid under the pew. They found me and a man who walked out of the light grabbed my arm and said “She’ll do.” The girl who befriended my cousin yelled “No.” I told her it was ok, and walked into the light with them. And can’t remember much after that, except that I was on the run with a huge golden retriever, the size of a Newfoundland; unfortunately I didn’t know where I was or how to get home. We were sleeping in drainage ditches, looking for some direction, until I got cold and snuck into an elderly man’s house. And he found us and was calling the police as we ran out into the storm. And then I woke up.

I wonder what is up with these crazy dreams lately. Dreams that I can remember so well are unusual for me.

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