Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Opportunity for learning completely squandered.

I was all excited because today I was going in for my emissions test.

When I was a child I dreaded the emissions test with far greater force than I dreaded cauliflower or the SATS. The emissions test was a yearly event wherein we paid 15$ to be told that our car sucked (the duct tape might have been advanced warning, however) then paid another 200$ towards repairing the sucky car, thus we went without something. Food or sundries usually got the axe.

Today, I was going to look into the very guts of the emissions test and in all likelihood, for the first time ever, actually pass.

I waited all aflutter in my car for my turn, then I asked lots of questions at the first stop. At the second stop, the man turned on my car for approximately a minute and then passed me.
The man in front of me got to do this nifty driving on rollers and had an interactive video. I got nuthin.

Even looking at my receipt I still can't figure out what they are actually testing. And they wrote down my mileage incorrectly.

I'm going to have to cruise their website to figure this all out. Let no opportunity for tedious trivia go un-obsessed upon- that's my motto.

Oh, and the picture above has nothing to do with anything, but... Holy Crap! It's Lego Dr. Who and the Lego Tardis being advanced upon by Lego Daleks! What's not to love?


PalinDrome said...

That is not a Lego Dalek. THIS is a Lego Dalek.

When I was looking for this picture, I found this site first.

They seem to have forgoten that the first rule of Lego modeling is that glue is Verboten!!!

qtilla said...

Is the second rule, don't talk about Lego Club?

PalinDrome said...

Actually the second rule is that you don't cut pieces and they break that one too!!!

The third rule is that you never talk about the the Lego Rules if you are want to date again.