Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union: Why do I keep doing this to myself edition

It was a well made speech with some pleasing rhetoric, but it was a lame duck speech from a lame duck president whose goals and beliefs are not related in any fashion to mine.
No new ideas, no new plans, no new solutions... quack quack quack.

Just a few things that I thought about watching tonight's State of the Union Address:

There was a prevailing theme of trusting Americans, with their own money and health:
That is crazy. People can't be trusted with money Americans have an average of $8,000 in consumer debt. NBC Nightly News was advertising for the upcoming special: 'Addicted to Debt' immediately before AND after the address. Americans own credit cards with over 20% APR. I work with Americans, my clients are Americans, and I drive with Americans and I think it is pretty safe to say that these people are pretty much morons.
We elect leaders because hopefully we can pull it together enough to pick some really smart people to make rules for the rest of us.
Additionally the government does not trust us to make our own health decisions, though the president made a point of noting that medical decisions should be made by doctors not in congress, he then went on to talk about science vs. morality. The sanctity of embryos over the sanctity of living human beings and my own uterus.
He also wants more legislation to go towards tort reform as it involves medical suits. Americans can be trusted- but apparently not to determine their right to sue.

Warmonging continues with mixed signals:
The president directly called out Iran. (Among others including Burma, Belarus, and Cuba.)
Used the phrase: "deliver Justice to our enemies." SHUDDER.
Promised a large scale initial pullout of Iraq. (Here, YOU have fun with this mess.)

Education is awesome:
He said that kids have the highest test scores ever- is that simply because we had never tested our kids before? Perhaps because there was no standard?
Also increased accountability to parents with more flexibility for schools? Is that possible?

Not a lot of new thoughts on the environment- all rhetoric no plans:
The only plan involved subsidizing environmental improvements in China and India.
Why should I give China money to increase their environmental standards? We should stop sending them pollutants and buying the products from them that are ruining the environment. Additionally, I feel like giving any funds to nations as dangerous and aggressive as we are is a very foolish idea.

Things I liked:
New ideas for insurance assistance.
Congressman Boehner's hilarious fakey tan.
Obama's elegant hands. He walks like a statesman, talks like a statesman, and looks thoughtful like a statesman.
Cheney's Grinch-like lurking. That man lurks like nobody's business.

Things that ticked me off:
Pell Grants for Kids: instead of improving education in poor communities, allow a few poor kids with good parents (thus statistically likely to improve their lifestyle regardless of their school) to go to school with (let's face it) white kids.
Tax break renewals: what continue to let the wealthy ignore their obligations towards the security and economy of America?

Quack, quack, quack.

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