Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Disaster-ness

So after starting to break, then miraculously being fine, (as documented in my super-boring other blog) my driver’s side car door can only be opened from the inside.

My mechanic can’t see me until Wednesday, so until then if you see a petite woman clamoring into a blue Mercury, please refrain from laughing and pointing.


I crossed a few things (holy crap! I bought silverware) off of my 101 list and I am pretty excited about that. Next month I intend to go the Aquarium, if you want to come too let me know.


I ordered wireless headphones for work so that I won’t be forced to actually kill any of my noisy coworkers and they are here and good heavens, they are HUGE! They didn’t look huge in the picture, but now I realize that the model was a giant black man, and I am not a giant black man. When I wear these I feel like a disenfranchised club kid. You just don’t understand me!

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