Friday, January 25, 2008

Assorted bits of news and such.

I'm off to Canada to visit the rents. Don't burn down the country while I'm gone.
Guys, seriously, ok?

It should be fun, since I'm bringing my cousin Sean with for extra entertainment (and Kim to carpool to the frosty North).

Actual conversation last night:
Sean: So what should I pack?
Quiana: ID, insurance card, pants with out holes...
Sean: I was not going to wear holey pants.
Quiana: (nose wrinkle) A winter coat, maybe a sleeping bag.
Sean: I meant, should I pack my X-Box 360?
Quiana: Well, yes.

My major plan for the weekend primarily involves attempting to persuade my mother to purchase Rock Band for the PS3.

If you get bored while I'm gone, here is a list of every cause of Hulk Out-age. Having someone say that they find fat people sexy and then poking Dr. Banner repeatedly in the side does not appear, but perhaps that is an oversight?

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