Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In which Quiana rambles incoherently about two dollar whores.

As part of my initiative to look better and girlier, I have been experimenting with wearing makeup.
All was well with the Bare Minerals foundation and bronzer. Then I added eye shadow (which was crazy!). Then eyeliner (which worked great). But now I've added clear mascara and (gasp) lipstick and this whole thing has gotten completely out of hand.
Yesterday was my inaugural day of lipstick wear-age, and of course I felt like a man in unconvincing drag. I lamented to Andy that I looked like a $2 whore in all this stuff. He seemed to think it was fine. But I seriously feel like one of those girls in a Robert Palmer music video.
Am I allergic to being a lady-person? It rather seems so.

In other rambling/incoherent news, a male of interest recently asked about my blog and where to find it. I'm pretty sure that you can google "quiana bacon" (yup #3) or "quiana bacon blog" (#1) and find it, but that is not the point. The point is that I can't give this guy my blog address- then he will find out that I am a google abusing, finger assaulting, neurotic, bacon fiend.
Aren't these little things the fun little land mines that you have to find slowly as you go along so as not to immediately raise the red flag (which is maybe called the "uhoh she's crazy flag")? Dis-aster.

Additional bonus rambling incoherence:
How is it possible that I meet people and then immediately forget we've ever met? This causes huge problems. Then they just look vaguely familiar. Which is worthless, because I can't ever utter the words, "have we met before" without feeling like an utter ass-muppet- so I never do.
I have the world's most crap memory, and I think it is very unfair that people should be able to remember me and where we met and all I think when I see them is, "hmmmm maybe we shop at the same Top Foods." USELESS.
Yea, so anyway that happened twice last night. I am such an ass.

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