Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More Creepy Abandoned Stuff

Aborted Suburb. A photo essay about an abandoned, incomplete subdivision in Florida. Courtesy of Wil Wheaton.

I find it totally fascinating to watch human creations go back to nature.

I'm pretty excited about the World without People special on the History Channel which is supposed to show us what would happen if humans were to suddenly disappear from the earth. It is on 1/21, but that is all the information Google can get me.
PS- Thanks History Channel for plaguing me with commercials that don't tell me any useful information. Oh and you know, also the having nothing about it on your website is an *awesome* way to convince me to watch your show.

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cymberleah said...

That is really nifty. It's amazing to me that nature takes back so quickly, but that you can still see traces of old roman roads on google maps because the ground got so hard packed that the plants living there aren't as healthy.

I think it's cool how things are so quickly lost, but their ghosts can last centuries, if you only know how to look.