Monday, January 28, 2008

Democratic Response: Condescending Edition

Dear Kathleen Sebelius,

Seriously, don't talk down to me. Don't imply that I'm wondering what the State of the Union means to me. Don't say that seeing who stands or who claps is not significant because I do want to know if my candidates are publicly supporting certain statements.
Do not come to me and talk about bipartisanism (though I understand your background would qualify you to do so) while asking the president to solve the budget crisis and make plans. Don't try to be sneaky with me. It is partisan to criticize the economy of a sitting president in an electoral year (especially in a Democratic response).
A weak and shady rebuttal- I don't like it. Be like Obama, just come out and say that you want plans. Just say it. America wants plans too.
That being said, wanna be the VP? You are electable and articulate- a true stateswoman.
Now, if only you could run with McCain and put your money where your mouth is.


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