Monday, June 04, 2007

Rock On

Best Week Ever is reporting that the Rock is divorced.

Part of me is sad that a nice functional relationship is gone. The other half of me is calculating how much it would cost to get a boob job and a plane ticket.


steve said...

Remember, he's a total Dork. I heard a rumor that Riddick is based on a D&D character he once played, probably with Dave Chappelle and Stephen Colbert.


qtilla said...

Don't tease me with facts that will only fill me with more longing.

Dwayne's eyebrow control is enough to make any girl swoon. Now you bring in D&D. That means he would out of the house for at least one day a week.

He is the perfect man.

Cymberleah said...

Wait, did I miss the part where the Rock and Vin Disel are the same person?

Steve, get your over-muscled eye-candy guys right, now.

qtilla said...


qtilla said...

Aren't they the same? :o)

Cymberleah said...

No, see, I like Vin Disel and am ambivalent about the Rock. It's something about the voices.

And that's how I can tell them apart.

qtilla said...

While it would be disingenuous to say that I think they are the same. I'd be a liar if I said that I wouldn't make out with either of them... given the opportunity.
That being said, if this were some kind of dirty reality show, I would pick The Rock.
This would be the best reality show ever. For me. For them, not so much.

PalinDrome said...

While looking for this Post about The Rock making like Vin Diesel (Not making out with Vin Diesel), I found the one.

Apparently if it was not for the 11% emotional compatibility they would be a good match. So maybe they will be making out with each other soon.

The Internet is so awesome.