Monday, June 25, 2007

Starts with an 'S' and rhymes with 'ducks'... aptly describing my life

News of the Quiana.

1. My Great Grand Grandmother (the nice one) passed away Thursday night. I know it is for the best since she was very sick. But I am flooded with surprising emotions. Not the least of which is extreme dread of the funeral etc. which may be rife with awkward family interactions. In the Tri-Cities. BLECH. This dread is also infusing my life with a slightly greater than usual twinge of guilt and regret. hooray.

2. My rent is going up. Now I either have to move or be prepared to pay $675 for a less than 400 square foot apartment with limited on-street parking (which I only wanted to live in when it was a $600 apartment next to the lake I used to run daily until I hurt myself running). If I move I have to: a. actually physically lift my junk; b. probably move to the burbs where I will pay slightly more for twice the space, unlimited parking, a shortened commute... but will then live in the burbs where there is no place to eat and nothing to do.... OR get a roommate; c. I will have to go apartment hunting; d. I will have to borrow money from my family to pay the starting costs of a new apartment until I get my deposit back and my final month's pay check; d. talk people into helping me physically carry my junk; e. buy a new couch and lamps and table; f. somehow adapt to change; and g. deal with my growing comic collection.

3. A close friend was scheduled to come into town over the last weekend and while I won't go into detail, I was very hurt by the way she made tons of plans with someone else and then added me as a last minute after-thought after having asked me to clear my schedule to hang out with her. Note: I got essentially stood up the same day I found out my grandma died and my rent was going up.

In less depressing Quiana news:
I took my cousin to see Disney's Meet the Robinsons at the cheap theater and it was very good. I can't believe it flopped! 5 monkeys and two special endorsements, one for involving Tom Selleck and the other for making me laugh so hard I cried.

A large group of us went to see 1408 yesterday and I thought it was pretty good. Ghost movies are a really overdone genre; so I thought that considering that, 1408 was very good. 3.5 monkeys.

No monkeys (or perhaps many monkeys throwing poo) for the tweeners who sat in front of us and yakked (until my uncle Brad told them to shut up) and texted (in spite of my vicious kicking) through the whole damn movie. Yes, it was asshole day at the movies.


Cymberleah said...

Oh, man. Now I feel even more horrible that I missed your call (and I was feeling much like a heel to begin with).

In my defense (did you call Saturday or Friday? I got the voicemail as I was walking in the door to my mom's birthday party on Sunday, thus the not call back) I spent nearly the entire weekend asleep, thanks to the sinus infection that I managed to kill off enough on Tuesday to not need to go to the doctor and get drugs. Killing it kinda took all my energy for the week and then some. I was in bed by seven on Friday, slept until almost nine, then was back in bed by eleven Saturday morning to sleep until six. But, in a perfect Kim-is-awake sort of world, I'd have loved to have come over and hung out. Honest really.


I will gladly help you move, and box up stuff, as long as you do not move on the 7-8th of July, where I shall not be in the state. Or July 21-22 where I shall not be in the country. Other than that, I'm helpful.

Also, I can't help but read the title to the post and think that you have a pair of twos.

qtilla said...

I called Friday, and I am super-glad that I didn't wake you up. I had a perfectly good evening eating a huge bowl of ice cream and catching up on some comics. So no worries. I am sorry to hear that a super-virus had you snuffling. I've taking to using clorox-wipes on everything.

As for moving, who knows when this will happen, but I am on the prowl for new digs at this very moment.

And as a matter of fact I've taken to carrying a pair of twos in my pocket at all time....