Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Litigious Canadian Journalist- too dumb to use condom or research frivolous lawsuit

Canadian journalist says "Knocked Up" a knock-off
Apparently some woman is suing Judd Apatow for copyright infringement.
"A lot of people, I'm sure, will say, 'Well, getting drunk and knocked up, it could happen to everybody.' Well, the fact is, it doesn't happen to everybody, and no one had written about it before I did. And he (Apatow) didn't sell the screenplay until after I did."

Wow, I could have sworn that this happens all the time (sure seems like it when you watch Cops) and has been written about before. I'm thinking, Look Who's Talking, Parenthood, etc. Not exactly the same, but the same sort of concept.

The story of an up-and-coming reporter who gets drunk and pregnant is the premise behind both the film and Eckler's book. She said other similarities include the fact that both fathers are Jewish-Canadians, and both mothers took a huge number of pregnancy tests to confirm a baby was on the way.

Interesting point about the reporter thing. However, if she had done her research she would learn that Seth Rogan actually IS a Canadian Jew (which is part of why it's funny- if you are an Apatow fan). Additionally, if I found out that I was pregnant I would piss on many a stick.

Said Apatow:
"The book is about a woman who gets pregnant by the fiance that she loves on the night of her engagement party," he said in a statement. "The film is about a one-night stand between a pot smoking slacker and an ambitious young woman that leads to a pregnancy and their attempts to get to know each other.

In my final thoughts I would add that if she was more familiar with Apatow's work, she would find that he is actually stealing the concepts from his own previous works. If I didn't adore everything he's ever done I would probably hate that, but since Apatow's shit doesn't stink, all is well.


PalinDrome said...

At least she is suing as the movie is released. I hate it when the people that accuse others of stealing their work wait one to two years before filling a suit, because you know that they were trying to blackmail them from behind the scenes.

qtilla said...

Fair enough.

I think that there is also something about a person who is an "up and coming star" who writes about how hilarious their pregnancy experience was that just seems a little self-impressed.

“Haha! I have managed to accidentally become impregnated! My how surprising! My life is hi-larious.”

On the other hand- I am writing a blog about essentially nothing. The same sort of nothing which made me hate the smug attitude of Seinfeld.