Thursday, June 07, 2007

Privacy Shmivacy.

This morning I sent in an order to have a pictures printed at the Walgreen’s a few blocks from my office. A couple of hours later a colleague in another division (whose last name is alphabetically near to mine) came over to my cube and said, “I just went to Walgreen’s to pick up my photos and did you also have some photos there?” I said yes. And she said, “Good because they accidentally gave me yours.”
I don’t know what the odds are that they would give my photos to any random person who came in and that the random person would be a coworker, but that’s pretty weird in my book.
Luckily for me nobody else shares the same name (as far as I can tell) and of course I’m really glad that they were pictures of my cousins and me at Heather Lake last month and not boudoir pictures.

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