Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thought of the Day: Pig and Monkey Edition

1. Ways I could get rich:
-Old men have needs too... or so I hear.
-Slip and fall at Macy's, sue.
-Be prescribed allergy meds, grow third eye, sue.
-Fake own death for life insurance.
-Grave rob?
-Get knocked up by celebrity. Extort.
-Find buried treasure.
-Online adult film entrepreneur.

2. Things that are similar to Christmas:
Paris Hilton in Jail.
Paris Hilton put back in jail.

3. Last night I sat down and sorted the 1.5 foot tall pile of comics that I need to catch up on and now I am EXHAUSTED and the floor of my tiny studio apartment is covered in piles of comics. That being said, some of my favorite comics are reaching their end and if I catch up soon I will have (almost) no books with pictures (GASP). Let me know if you have any snazzy recommendations.

4. My high school reunion is next year and I have done nothing with myself. Quick! Someone give me an idea on how to make myself impressive in 12 months or less!

5. Today irritating coworker was condescending to the point that she (literally) patted me on the head and called me "honey." I refrained from saying, "I'll cut you." But only just.

6. I'm trying to think of amusing stories to but on this here blog. You can make suggestions. That's always good. No pressure. Really. But you could.

7. I typed bacon monkey into Google Images and got the following. I consider this funny. You should consider yourself warned.


PalinDrome said...

1. Go to jail. Apparently NBC is paying a million dollars to people that do so. You would have to talk to Meridith Viera though, so may not be worth it.

3. What are the comics you are enjoying that are ending? Have you tried Fables and the spin off Jack of Fables? How about The Walking Dead? Maybe you should try some Manga. I have been finding Death Note kind of fun.

4. Lie

5. Maybe this could be how you get access to that NBC money train.

qtilla said...

3. I am reading Walking Dead already. Fables is a possibility. I will have to check it out.
I'm not really a Manga person. I tend not to enjoy the art and find the cultural oddities taxing. Also I am a chick.

PalinDrome said...

From spending way too much time at the Stop, I can tell you that being a chick means that you would be more likely to enjoy Manga. I would guesstimate that 70 % of the buyers of Manga are female.

qtilla said...

I don't want to say anything potentially inflammatory but... the kinds of stories I enjoy are generally directed towards men. Even in manga. The kinds of stories a lot of these girls are reading are soap operas designed for teenage Japanese girls. The only western comic explicit directed at girls is Betty & Veronica; so compared to that, these girlie manga are masterpieces. I suppose girlie manga is the gateway to other manga and that is why so many girls have started reading it.
Unfortunately, manga directed towards men (and even the girlie BS) are typically rife with ideas about sexuality and gender that I find not just untrue, but blatantly offensive, degrading, and disgusting. And I am not referring to porn- which is not on my list of taboos.
It is a cultural thing and by no means am I trying to knock Japan. But there are some gender related cultural issues there that are shocking to my egalitarian belief system.
I like comics with relevant social commentary. Persepolis, Strange Girl, Walking Dead, Ex Machina, Hard Time, Elephantmen, and Legion of Super-Heroes have ideas that I find relevant and intellectually stimulating. And failing relevant social commentary I would at least like them to be beautiful.

Cymberleah said...

Ok, girlie manga, (ish) but read Emma.

PalinDrome said...

Wow. That was a lengthy well thought out comment. But even so I would still suggest that you not ignore the Manga isles because there are a few gems hiding amongst the misogyny. It is kind of like ignoring The Legion because it is found on the DC Comics rack.

Some more new series to try out:
Criminal (shared universe crime stories. 1st trade out and second arc just started)
The Boys (A take on Super Heroes gone over the line. Creators are attempting to Out-Preacher Preacher)
Mouse Guard (1st Trade of Goodness is out. Does contain Anthropomorphic animals but no rabies.)

By the way Anthropomorphic is different the Anamorphic. Although you would probably prefer it if nature was stretched and not humanized.

qtilla said...

For some reason I tend to like anthropomorphic animal stories... in spite of my animal worries.
Incidentally I had to walk under some crows today- so SCARED.