Friday, June 01, 2007

News you (probably) can('t) use.

Finally! A reason to watch Law & Order.
Yes, he looks like a scruffy ne'er-do-well. And he was in Dead and Breakfast. Jeremy Sisto: I'd hit that.

Amateur scientist (aka a guy with a video camera) has "tape of Nessie"
This video is interesting, I'm curious to see what happens. It's probably just a private submarine, like the one is Swans Crossing.

Some lawyer is doing fancy LEGO art.
It is quite cool. But probably won't get him laid....
Right Paul?


PalinDrome said...

I don't know what institute of higher learning you went to but those artistic types were always making it big with the ladies no matter what the medium. Even the dude that used cow pies as his medium of choice. My girlfriend's roommate was constantly being cheated on while they were dating.

Wait I do know which institute you went to. And that explains a lot.

Cymberleah said...

(many giggles at the Lego comment)

Dawn of the Read said...

Jim and I discovered early in our relationship that we both own that Threadless Loch Ness Impersonator shirt.

qtilla said...

I too own the Loch Ness Imposter shirt. I find that it's monster head is on a weird spot on my left ta-ta. People are always peering at it.

qtilla said...

Perhaps artsy fellows atract a certain type of lady. I suppose I am just not that sort of lady... perhaps not a 'lady' at all.
But I'm not a 'girl,' 'chick,' or 'gal.' What does that leave me with 'woman?' *shudder*
How Bryn Mawr.

steve said...

Wouldn't Womyn be more Bryn Mawr?

qtilla said...

yes it would.
damn it.