Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Crap about which I’m thinking- Produce Edition!

I just noticed that I accidentally purchased an organic banana imported from Ecuador.

Good news: (probably) scary pesticide free (who knows who oversees this in a developing nation)
Bad news: I just paid .79$ for bananas to be shipped using fossil fuels from a jillion miles away.

Net environmental impact = :o(

Other thing:
Because I apparently desire to have student loans for the rest of my life, I am thinking of buying a new digital camera. If anyone has any words of wisdom, both product-wise and research-wise, I would welcome them. While I don’t need a fancy camera, I am interested in size, screen size, ease of getting pictures off the camera, and to a lesser extent picture quality. Additional thought: how much should I care whether the battery is an AA or a rechargeable?

Thank Paul for bringing the photo to my attention.


Cymberleah said...

My digital cameras (of which I have a full two) are both Sony Cybershots. I love them, as they are wee little bitty things that slip into my pocket with ease. That's really my main concern, portability. Nothing sucks as much as thinking, "Wow, that is a totally neat scene. Too bad my camera is at the house because it is a big unwieldy monster."

Also, the memory cards are the same as the ones used for the PSP, which means that you can get a 1GB card for much less than a nornal camera's!

technogreek said...

I'd go for any Cannon, both my camera and Dawn's are Cannon, great quality, big screens, easy as pie to get the pictures on to your computer.

Also, definitely go for the rechargable battery, weighs less than AA and lasts longer.

For reference, it's all about the PowerShot SD series, I have a 300, Dawn has a 900, something in the middle is probably right for you...

PalinDrome said...

I went with a Cybershot for most of the same reasons as Kim It takes very good pictures but it does red eye like a mo-fo. I recommend going to Best Buy and finding the ones you like the size and feel of then going online and look at the reviews. Had I done a better job of following my own advice then everyone that I take a picture of would no longer look like they are possessed by Satan

Dawn of the Read said...

Like Jim said, I love my Cannon PowerShot...the one I just got is the second one I've had...I got over 13,000 photos off the last one! I, too, prefer the rechargable battery...I like to pick up a second one, and have one charging at home, while the other is in use...that way I never miss a shot. Admittedly, the 900 has a rediculous amount of megapixels...10 is really more than anyone needs, unless you plan to do a lot of enlarged prints.