Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ponchito has arrived.

My brother's baby was born prematurely due to a medical issue (apparently not too serious) and I am thousands of miles away and up to my shins in snow.

Jayce Anthony (or maybe Anthony Jayce- the kids are still sorting it out) was born earlier this morning.

Other famous JCs include Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ.

In other news, I am just pleased that they didn't really name him Ponchito.

I guess I am officially that crummy auntie that lives too far away and never calls. I guess I should mail them something noisy.

Update: Anthony Jayce.


Back Nine said...

Are you kidding? You get to be the bad ass cool aunt, the one that sends age-inappropriate gifts and who introduces him to salty language and politics that raise the hair on your family's heads. He'll love you best for it. Being an aunt is a wonderful thing.

qtilla said...

I hope I can be a better auntie than sister.

Dr. Zoltar said...

The key is to send noisy gifts. Drums, electronic toys, whistles, that sort of thing. The kids will love you. The parents, not so much.

Oh, and you forgot the most famous JC, me!

qtilla said...

Most shocking. I apologize.