Friday, December 12, 2008

Blardy Blar Blar

I feel as though I should make some sort of comment. Since I haven't been good at updating lately.

Don't have much, because things are awesome.

My mom was laid off and then got a job. So that is a big thumbs up.

I got surprise presents today. (Yay Angie!)

Christmas is shaping up nicely. I haven't started cookies really, but I am confident cookies will happen to a sufficient extent. Presents wrapped. (check!) House decorated sufficiently enough to make the neighbors look lame. (check!) Holiday cheer locked down against all odds. (check, check, checkety check!)

I just feel very content. I hope you guys are doing well too.


erin said...

My cat is going crazy on the laptop right now. I think he wants to say hi and Merry Christmas, he's just lacking the opposable thumbs to do so.

qtilla said...

It is hard when you don't have thumbs.

Tell the cat Merry Christmas.

Angie said...

I hope you like your LaBeouf-let. Of course, it will never live up to the WWNPHD-let.

qtilla said...

Well, that is true, until I get my I Heart Dean Kamen bracelet. Sorry, NPH.