Thursday, December 04, 2008

I got nuthin. You know, title-wise.

But here goes the post!

Amusing bacon commercial:

Hey, just a reminder buying coke kills children. No kidding. Thanks Washington Post!


In other news, Jim and I cut down a tree at what Jeanine described as "Charlie Brown's Tree Farm". And it was awesome. Our tree could kick your tree's ass. I just thought that you might want to know that.

That is all.


Ferretnick said...

Ha ha ha! Love the video!

I have a vegeratian friend who once said, "Man... even vegetarians love the smell of bacon!"
Such is the allure of that pork goodness.

qtilla said...

Divine swine.


Drew said...

Am I the only one who thinks that the drug war makes no sense?

I mean, legalize it all, regulate it, and tax it.

You'll create taxable revenues, these third world countries will get a source of revenue to build their infrastructure with, your crime rate will decrease
a.) Because it's not illegal and
b.) Because people won't have to use illicit means to obtain them, and thus won't have to deal with murderers and thieves.

You'll decrease incidents of drug-related overdoses because you can regulate the purities and quantities.

All of the stuff in that article would just disappear.

qtilla said...

I concur. The war on drugs has too steep a human price for my taste.