Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Screw you NPR!

You totally ruined the end of Season Three of Lost. I have scrupulously avoided all discussions, commercials, and blogs involving Lost. But I did not even suspect that you, NPR would be the one to utterly ruin the end of season three for me.

There you were buzzing in the background about Obama and then whammo in less than 40 seconds, you dropped a HUGE Lost spoiler. And by that I mean you outlined the entire end of season three before I even realized what you were talking about. If only I had paid more attention, I would have realized you were talking about Lost before you explicitly said what had happened in the season finale. But I can't blame myself. This is your ass-clownery NPR!

And on today, of all days, when Jim and I had plans to watch another few episodes. Another precious few that we have been parsing out to enjoy the delicious suspense.

You bastards! I curse you, NPR, I curse you to hell!!!!


Elwood said...

In NPR's defense, the episode is almost a year old at this point. I think any realistic expectation of spoiler warnings have expired.

But I understand your frustration.

qtilla said...

His mother is dead.
He IS your father.
Rosebud is a sled.
He IS dead people.
The cowboy is dead.

Whatever, spoilers are dumb. I hate that people must discuss the end of the movies or even tv shows.

Especially when you can get almost anything on DVD it is unreasonable to expect that everyone has seen something who is going to see it.

Bah humbug!