Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Most Boring LARP Ever.

Yesterday someone googled "'this american life' LARP" and got to SUC.

This is the kind of LARP that I would like. I call dibs on Sarah Vowell.

I'm afraid that some sort of fight will break out over who gets to be Dan Savage, David Sedaris, and Ira Glass; but this is what happens when you have some hot NPR LARPing.

This is how I see this going. Picture Steve in a suit and glasses, sitting at a desk under a dilapidated overpass.... "Hello, this is Ira Glass. Uh... today I talked to some American Lady, it was uh poignant and touching, and by that I mean touching POOP!"

Imagine me flouncing in, dressed as Sarah Vowell, dressed as Mary Todd Lincoln.
"Damn it Steve you're ruining everything! Next time you have to be Tory Malatia!"

"WHAT!?!" declares Steve standing up from the desk to reveal he is not wearing pants, "Poop jokes are always funny, there is never a poop joke that isn't funny."

Addy, dressed as Dan Savage, toting a one-eyed stuffed toy poodle, dejectedly weeps at her bad taste in men.


Now just imagine a Car Talk LARP.


Steve said...

I'd be cool with being David Rakoff, too.

I do enjoy Nova.

qtilla said...

Only when it is Ape Genius.