Friday, February 08, 2008

Quick Thoughts

1. Last week I dreamt that I was sitting with Dean Kamen on his private island and we were discussing (read kind of arguing) about the Segway, which we were referring to as Ginger, which any nerd will understand. Anyway and finally I bellowed, “Dude [yes I totally called Dean Kamen ‘dude’] Ginger will never revolutionize human transport until it is light enough for me to lift!”

2. Yesterday I had a dream inspired by a cat macro. This is because I am nuts. This is the macro via

This is the dream:
I was on the run from someone and I was with some kid and Addy [hi Addy!] and we needed a house so I used my mammoth amounts of spare cash to purchase a giant brownstone in some decrepit neighborhood. And I bought it because it had a solarium, and in same said solarium was a fat gray cat.

3. I am a bridesmaid in my friend Bonnie’s wedding and the rehearsal dinner was last night, and I noticed that the mother of the bride was sitting on her own. So, for once a tiny kernel of pity welled up in my heart and I went over and said “So are you excited?” and she said, “No.”

Now the twist in the story is that I didn’t give her the back of my hand.


Elwood said...

Your restraint is admirable. Did you follow up and ask why she wasn't excited? For some reason, I find myself curious...

As for the dreams, you should probably lay off the bacon that close to bedtime. :)

qtilla said...

I assume the reason is that she is a bitch. However, perhaps I will humor you and after the wedding is over request a reason for her lack of excitement.

Regarding swine induced hallucinations, you are undoubtedly correct.

Drew said...

Just to play devil's advocate here...

My parents weren't exactly crazy about all of my girlfriends. There's one in particular that, had I married, they would definatly not have been excited about it. In hind sight, they knew she wasn't good for me more than I, or any of my friends did.

Now, I don't know your friend or her hubby, but unless this is some dead-beat mother, I'm opperating on the assumption that she loves her child very much, and only wants the best for her.

Operating under this assumption, she probably knows her child very, very well, and has a very good reason for not being elated.

I would also think that she'd have enough tact not to relay that information to one of her child's best friends. However, I wouldn't expect her to fake approval either.

Look at it this way... She's under no obligation to like the boy who is either currently, or soon will be violating her daughter with his vile, throbbing boy-parts, espically if she thinks he's some doushe. She'd be doing everyone a disservice if she lied and 'faked' it.

At least she's keeping to herself and not being a momzilla to spoil the wedding.

Everyone assumes that weddings are supposed to be happy times, but more often than not, they're all about becoming family with people that you think are dicks. I find it hard to be mad at someone for being less-than-joyfull at such a blessed occasion.

qtilla said...

If only it were so. She seems to really like Jeff, in fact more so than she likes Bonnie.
And apparently this woman is a piece of work.
Example: She told Bonnie to go shopping and pick out a wedding dress and that she would pay for anything up to two grand as her wedding present.
So Bonnie goes out and respectfully hunts for a nice dress for less than one grand and finds one. She calls her mother to tell her about the dress and her mother tells her that she gave the money for the dress to Bonnie's brother instead.

Drew said...

Ah. So instead of a reasonable person, we've got flake. Backhanding the bitch wouldn't help anyway. You'd just get her taint on your flesh.