Friday, February 01, 2008

Now with even more of the sexy!

So my sore throat has progressed from truck stop lady voice to fine sounding voice if you are into huge coughing phlegm fits of doom. Last night I woke up from slumber at 3 and proceeded to cough so hard I ran to the bathroom, afraid I was going to hurl. I have done this twice this morning.

I was going to go into to work but a brief glimpse in the mirror was enough to convince me that I needed to stay home some more. Which is a huge shame, as I was all set to attend a hot-tub, fondue, Groundhog's Day party tomorrow night, but communal food and chemical fumes are probably not a great idea for a few days yet. Hopefully I'll be up and moving by Sunday because I refuse to miss two excellent eating occasions in a row.

Additionally, I'm running super-slowly right now as I'm sick, but I am still super bored. I've been mostly sleeping so that is fine, but holy cow! When they say that there is nothing on TV during the day, it is completely false. There is a ton of shit on TV. Today I've watched a show where they make people over so they appear younger and skinnier, the news, three cooking shows and a documentary on Croatia. *tears of anguish* At least I can enjoy working my way through my mammoth stack of unread comics.

But what I really desire (besides ice cream and cinnamon rolls and nachos) is human interaction. Hopefully I can trick some of you healthies into hanging out with me (read lounging around + snacks) tomorrow to relieve me of my solitude. This completely destroys my personal goal/fantasy of becoming a hermit.

In other news, I am running out of food and clean clothes. Hey, please come over, there is no food and my clothes are filthy. Sounds awesome right? What? No?

ps- The owner of the good cheesesteak place I mention a while ago was gunned down by some local troublemaker who wanted to sell drugs in his restaurant. I am pretty sad about it. Thanks, The News.

OK less blog writing, more phlegm hacking!

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