Friday, February 22, 2008

Damn it! I know math, you jerk!

Last night I stopped to get gas at my regular station. My car wasn't empty, at a hair under a quarter of a tank, in fact my gas light was not on; but I knew I wouldn't feel like getting gas this weekend.

It was taking a really long time and when I wandered over to the pump I noted that it said that I had put 15 gallons of gas in my tank and was still going till I stopped it.
My tank only holds approximately 15 gallons.
Figuring that I started with at least 2 gallons (probably more), it should have stopped at 13 at the most.
So I went inside and explained the situation and got the manager's number.

Today I called him and he told me that it is "impossible".

Is it possible that he doesn't know what 'impossible' means? I'm guessing yes. He told me that they just had their yearly inspection, but he would check the pump. But he spoke to me in the way that communicated that he thinks I'm a complete idiot.

If my gas had been low when I got to the station, I would shrug it off, but this seems weird to me. I've never gotten to 15 gallons at any pump and I have run my car very close to completely empty a couple of times. Once quite recently in fact.

Now, obviously gas gauges are inaccurate and fuel tank capacities are approximate, but is it even possible that they could that far off? I know that there is space in a tank for gas vapors to accumulate and that if you were topping your car off, you could encroach on that space, but could that happen when you are not topping off?

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